Sunday, October 29, 2006

Question of the week

Why do they play "sweet home Alabama" for the Kentucky Fried Chicken commercials?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pet peeves about pageants!!!

I'm going to go for the high risk venture and open my blog up for public discussion.

I get to vent first!!! (nah nah na nah nah it's my blog >o)

My top pet peeves about pageants:

1) You'd think hair that's not on a human beings head would be much easier to work with

2) It's rare you get what you pay for... and to maybe get what you pay for you have to pay, and pay and pay

3) Politics that everyone swears don't exist

4) The photogenic competitions (even portfolios have gotten waaaayyy out of hand!!)

5) Vendors who treat "name" kids preferential to mine.

6) Bitchy PMs (no pun intended, really)

7) came from THE boards

8) It appears when controversy surrounds a kid and/or their "entourage" they start winning

Anyone care to add to the list?


And now for our next "Is it just me???!!!" moment of the Week!!!

Upon foraging for something nutritious and potentially edible in our company cafeteria this week... we happened to notice that they were celebrating "Diabetes Awareness week".

Now this event unto itself was not otherwise distinguished in significance from its intended purpose - except for the fact that underneath the GIANT poster with all the "Diabetes Awarenness Facts" etc. were all the cakes, pies, and cookies prominently displayed for the Bake Sale they were having to raise money.... for diabetes....

I dunno, Is it just me???

p.s. for those who might get technical on me - No, they were definitely NOT sugar free!! LOLOL

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My cat died yesterday

My cat died yesterday. I loved that cat - even if she wasn't the most affectionate animal, I had her for almost 18 years. I adopted her from the humane society, so she was probably around 19; I'm not sure how long cats live on average, but I think she was pretty old.

She was family. And now she's laid to rest next to her best friend, our old dog who died two years ago. Now, dogs and cats aren't supposed to get along, but they were the best of buddies and I'll never forget how kitty grieved when he died. She just wailed and wailed and didn't want anyone to be near her for a long time. They were together 14 years. She really was never the same after he died.

I'll never forget when we got the puppy. She would walk by and smack him up beside the head just out of spite - even when he was three times her size, he would always defer to her. She just had to show him who was boss. At night they would curl up together to sleep and they would lay in the sunshine on the front porch together. Always together.

I miss them both.

They say animals don't have feelings or go to heaven. I disagree.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

THE "Is it just me?" moment of the Week!!!

Now is the time for the "Is it just me?" moment of the week!!!! Honest, this is just stuff I observe, I'm not that creative to make this stuff up...

My children attend an upper middle class private Christian school and as I was coming out from walking my daughter into pre-school - one of the parents, driving an H2 no less, had their radio on a lit-tle too loud and the song playing, no lie, was "money" by Pink Floyd.... Is it just me....???

Living the moment LOLOLOL

Is profundity a word???

I have a friend of over 20 years who has enough of a track record in bad relationships to write several books over on... She called me today to share her final heartbreak over a guy she's been "seeing" off and on over several months that he had met some girl and within a month moved in with this "some girl." Now, never mind she hasn't "been" with this guy since May. I thought he was a bad idea all along. Yes, they had mutual friends. Yes, they had sex. Yes, she'd been over to his house. But all along I thought he was just using her. She told me about how he'd get her drinks at parties, and kissed her in front of other people. I heard all about the wonderful conversations they would have after sex and how he seemed to be such a thoughtful loving guy who was just trying to get his bearings in life. She blamed his inability to come to her house or take her on a date on his weird job hours. Or the fact that "dating" is such a thing of the past... since I protested he couldn't be the real thing since he never took her out on a date. Am I too old fashioned to think that the sign a guy is interested is when he treats you like a "real girlfriend"? To me if a guy hasn't picked you up in HIS car and taken you out in public, introduced you to at least his friends or possibly his mother within two months, fed you, entertained you and vice versa, complimented how beautiful you are after a bad haircut, and been seen in public as a true couple. You need to move on.

I think my friend was a victim of this guy's selfishness and insecurities. She says "oh he's young" (26ish) but I think you are at your level of possible maximum maturity by then.

I've held my tongue for a long time but I just finally told her this was her "sign." Get over it. Move on. Don't waste your valuable precious mental time on this guy. Then I told her my favorite story (which I tell badly at that - so if you've got the proper joke please send it my way)

There was a little boy who was an eternal optimist - annoying everyone from his parents to his teachers. He always saw the bright side no matter what. So one day a manure truck accidentally dumped a load in their front yard. Well, his parents came out to find their son head first digging in the pile! They asked him what on earth....??? The little boy replied "With all this shit there's got to be a pony in here SOMEWHERE!!!"

Is that a profound little concept or what?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Let me introduce myself :o)

Hello - let me tell you about me!

- I'm a 40 yr old mother of two decidedly wonderful children - one 12 year old who thinks he's four and a four year old who thinks she's twelve...
- I have a severe case of attention deficit disorder
- I am funny, tragically unhip, and fabulously average
- I talk way, way, waaaaaayyyyy too much
- I want to try everything once, more than that if I like it and time allows
- Can't remember names, but have an almost photographic memory for numbers
- Does anyone know what an ENFP is? Well, I'm 100% on the E and the N and in the 70's for the other two (champion idealist thank you very much)
- I'm supposed to be a motivational speaker according to every career test I've taken - Or a chemist (correlation anyone?)
- I'm so right brained my head should fall over
- I'm interested in everybody, but not everyone is interested in me (some people call it nosey, I call it being sociable)
- So far in my life I have : made a record in Nashville, graduated from highschool too early, graduated from college too late, been a geek, been a beauty queen, taught piano and guitar, taught aerobics for 15 years, obtained my green belt in Aikijujutsu Aikido, tried barrel racing (THAT did not go well), snow skied (love it!!!), been a radio personality (wish I had stuck with it), modeled, been a programmer/IT worker, been an accountant, and not travelled enough and I'm sure I left a lot of my list.
- I hate whiners
- I don't read books much, but if I get started on the dictionary I can't stop
- I philosophise too much
- ironically, I'm a crappy speller (I blame it on technology)
- Every one who knows me is either my friend or thinks I'm deranged
- I am allergic to most perfumes but I can wear anything from France for some reason
- I am annoyingly optimistic (....of course it's all good til the drugs wear off)
- I never leave home without my cell phone and palm pilot EVER
- McDonald's rocks as far as I am concerned
- every day for breakfast I eat 2 donuts, two amps, and wash it down with a cup of coffee (BReakfast of CHampions!!!)
- I lost 50 lbs over three years eating that for breakfast (no lie I swear)
- I LOVE a great debate but I am often a victim of my own logic (or so I've been told)
- I can type really, really, really reallyreallyreallyreally fast
- I have one eye that is extremely far sighted, and one that is extremely near-sighted (this has thrown off every eye doctor I have ever seen)
- when I was 13 my parents threw out the tv - lock, stock and barrel - so I'm really out of the habit - but I am glued to it when American Idol comes on
- I'd like to bitch slap stupid drivers on the highway
- My senior english teacher traumatized my brain when he cut off the use of the verb "to be" for all writing assignments in high school
- I'm one of those vile, politically incorrect pageant moms that the media oh so loves to hate and I'm okay with it (I'm sure Dr Phil has a folder with my name on it somewhere)
- I love to be cranky (Don't mess with a good bad mood I say)
- I have a note from the fire department that says I don't have to cook (thank goodness my husband can or we'd all starve or live on twinkies and carrots) I tried to make a cheesecake in a pie plate once - does the term "nuclear mushroom" mean anything to anyone???
- the 80's were the greatest as far as I'm concerned (altogether now "...still pre-occupied with 19-85")
- and I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up and oh yeah...
- Although I meet all the FDA requirements for certified grown up, I really don't feel like growing up whatsoever
- and I never thought I'd be a blogger so LET'S CHAT :O)

Bad parent example #6,922

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